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Rated 5 / 5 stars


As a game, it was quite obviously horrible.


This was an EXCELLENT joke, is what it was. The moment I realized what had been done to me, I laughed a good long time, made my friends play it, telling them that it actually WAS a game, and that you could beat it. I thought this was funny as hell.

Great, GREAT job on the joke =D

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Bubble Adventure Bubble Adventure

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I don't see why people are bitching.

I mean, there's a LOT of wierder and more pointless shit on Newgrounds than this. And yes, it was "pointless", but I liked the simplicity of it. It's kind of refreshing once in a while to be able to sit down and fly through a nice, low key game. I say great job over-all.

51lver responds:

cheers xD

yeah i thought for my first submission i'll try and keep it all simple and easy to play

i'll be a bit more ambituous on my next submission

polarity polarity

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Nearly Excellent.

Although not the most original idea, like Necrophades said, that can't really be helped with this genre. And that wasn't even the problem. What I like most in these games are the power ups. And the power-ups in this game were terrible. Most of the time they either did nothing to help you (with the exception of the shield powerup), or actually hinder you as in the case of the sweeping main laser. And the boss battles were actually easier than the rest of the level before it. That being said, I thought the graphics were astounding, especially for this type of game. So, for me, I would prefer better power-ups, and maybe make the ship a little faster. Still, a fairly good game.

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ugur responds:

I constantly update the game based on the feedback and in a recent update i made the powerups not time out anymore. As stacking up powerups would have made the game too easy i reduced each poweru´s impact force some. Looks like i went too far there :) I made em more powerful again now. You should already see that in effect when ( clearing your cache and) reloading the game.
I´m also working on more powerups so that will be in there soon.
And yeah,´i´ll work some more on the bosses, too :)
Not sure about making the ship faster, will give it a try and see how it feels.
I´m glad you dig the graphics, thanks for the feedback.