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Thought the length was perfect.

I don't see why people are bitching about the length. It was supposed to be long enough for one joke, which was to see Santa get eaten by a giant snowman head. I thought it was hilarious. And he animation was wonderful.

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As a game, it was quite obviously horrible.


This was an EXCELLENT joke, is what it was. The moment I realized what had been done to me, I laughed a good long time, made my friends play it, telling them that it actually WAS a game, and that you could beat it. I thought this was funny as hell.

Great, GREAT job on the joke =D

I don't see why people are bitching.

I mean, there's a LOT of wierder and more pointless shit on Newgrounds than this. And yes, it was "pointless", but I liked the simplicity of it. It's kind of refreshing once in a while to be able to sit down and fly through a nice, low key game. I say great job over-all.

51lver responds:

cheers xD

yeah i thought for my first submission i'll try and keep it all simple and easy to play

i'll be a bit more ambituous on my next submission

Nearly Excellent.

Although not the most original idea, like Necrophades said, that can't really be helped with this genre. And that wasn't even the problem. What I like most in these games are the power ups. And the power-ups in this game were terrible. Most of the time they either did nothing to help you (with the exception of the shield powerup), or actually hinder you as in the case of the sweeping main laser. And the boss battles were actually easier than the rest of the level before it. That being said, I thought the graphics were astounding, especially for this type of game. So, for me, I would prefer better power-ups, and maybe make the ship a little faster. Still, a fairly good game.

ugur responds:

I constantly update the game based on the feedback and in a recent update i made the powerups not time out anymore. As stacking up powerups would have made the game too easy i reduced each poweru´s impact force some. Looks like i went too far there :) I made em more powerful again now. You should already see that in effect when ( clearing your cache and) reloading the game.
I´m also working on more powerups so that will be in there soon.
And yeah,´i´ll work some more on the bosses, too :)
Not sure about making the ship faster, will give it a try and see how it feels.
I´m glad you dig the graphics, thanks for the feedback.

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Bombardment away!!

First, the positive stuff:
The mastering, I thought, was good for the most part. Nice balance on all the instruments, and no clipping problems I could here. Also, the song flowed nicely from one part to the next, and felt natural as it progressed. Also, you didn't begin or end with drums, which I liked.

Now, I have nothing negative, per se. However, I couldn't exactly tell what you were trying to do with the song. Was it Dance? Was it Trance? Was it both? If you add, say, a high-pitched sliding synth, you'll have an awsome Trance song. Add more prominant drums with a few extra synths, and you have an amazing dance song. As it was, it felt... incomplete.

That being said, it was still a very, very good song, but I would love to see a remake of this in the future.

Cyme responds:

Thank you for such a great review ;)

I don't know, I'm not really trying to hit any certain genre, which is why I have trouble actually choosing the right genre.

I don't really have an idea of which genre I'm going to follow when I begin a project, I just use and create sounds that sounds good and fit together, and I focus a lot on the melody.

I've just gotten my hands on the plugin called Nexus, which is loaded with awesome instruments, but there's too many sounds in there, that you'd feel cheap for using, as they've been quite difficult to create originally, and if I use them, I don't really show any talent other than mixing them together.


This is EXTREMELY cool. Almost Epic Indie. I don't have much to say on this, other than it was awsome. The only thing I (maybe?) found was that the wind? noise abruptly cuts of, seemingly unaturally, at 1:06. Not sure if this was on purpose or not, but I would have liked to have heard it fade out as opposed to just stopping. This isn't really a complaint, though, still thought the song was fucking sweet.
Also, this would be pretty epic with some choruses. That, and maybe fade out with a melody and the drums at the same time.
Though, once again, just suggestions.
I will definately be downloading this.

Anima-Theory responds:

Yeah the ending had a problem. I bitmucnhed the end and it sounded crap, but I couldn't edit the whole song, just the end, but it took out the wind.

It sounds better than the bitmucher :P

Thanks for the review man :D


It's been a while

Although this genre of techno isn't my cup of tea (I actually despise it), you've made it so I can actually listen to it. And that stretched tom was kick ass. It was my favorite part of the song. I would try to offer constructive criticism, but I would end up bitching about the genre, and say nothing about the song. So, good job on turning a shit genre into something... not shit. And actually pretty damn good.

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Planescape: Torment always has been, and still is, my favourite game. This picture captures the seedy, dark essence of the game beautifully. I esecially liked how you threw in other creatures from the D&D universe (like the mindflayer). I also love the confused looking Modron holdin the knife and what I presume is a purse (possibly stolen?).

This picture is just wonderful, and really brings back some great memories. Just wish they would remake the game with current day graphics.

The only complaint I have (minor) is Mort blends in with the background a little tooo much for my taste. Though the "expression" on his "face" is perfect :D

Would've been cool if you could've squeezed in the Lady somewhere, but it's understandable :P

Xaltotun responds:

Thanks! Nice to see that people who know the setting also like the picture.

Yea, the modron may have stolen the purse because he is a "rogue" modron. :P


The colors on this are amazing. At the same time, it feels really relaxed, which I also thoroughly enjoy. Really good job.

Trippy tree.

I love how the guy in the picture looks really confused about the tree. Can't blame him. I would have the same "What the fuck" face if I ever came across a tree like that when NOT on acid.

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