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This was utterly excelent. It seemed to be emo, but not shit, which is what emo normally is. I LOVED the dirty hard-rock feel to it, and that guitar is just fuckin' amazing. The unorthodoxed drums fit perfectly, they really fucked with your head in a good way, making you think it's off beat even though it isn't. And most of all, I loved the slight funk/blues feel this song has. It's just....well, it's really damn fuckin' amazing. The best Ive ever heard on Newgrounds. Better yet, one of the best I've heard in music in general. However, the only thing "bad" that could be said about this, is the vocal track is just a tad to harsh. The whole undermastered thing does sound cool, but less harsh vocals.


Twas alright.

Not as god as the last one. It seemed... thin. I was expecting the song to build up, but it never did. Basically, everything seemed quiet, even the bass whose quietness slightly overpowered the quiet melodies. A nice, piercing, clear synth would have sounded great. It was also a tad repetitive. So, in general, just needed to be... louder. However, the mastering was impecable, I liked the melodies. This song seems to have a lot of potential, jsut needs more BALLS. Still 8/10, 5/5 (I don't give less unless it REALLY sucks, then I don't vote for it at all), and still free publicity.

Digital-Xcstasy responds:

haha this was not going to be that hard song you know? its a Enigma you know? so it haves you thinking and shoul make your thoughts race at the speed of light tothe sound of kick assness! you know!!!!! CAN YOU FEEL IT!

X -ellent song.

Sorry, couldn't resist. Anyways, great track. Loved the entire thing. However, the slowdown would have worked had you slowed DOWN to it instead of just dropping it off. Also, just a suggestion really, it would have been nice to hear a varied bass kick (rock beat would have been awsome) starting at 1:02. It would start of quiet, then build up in volume until it reached it's peak at the slowdown, then fades back out, then back in again later in the song. Still though, I thought the song was great as it was. 10/10 5/5 a download, and free publicity from me to my friends.

Digital-Xcstasy responds:

W00T!!!! Free Publicity! nice man, thats whats up! me and F-777 are going to Fix every song thats going to be on the CD (its the songs we post every sunday) and make them longer Brush them off and clean them up even more. see if we can make some thing really good you know? thanks for the Review man! and the Vote! and the DLknowing people are listing really makes me happy!


Almost perfect.

However, definately needs some rap. Without it, the song goes nowhere, and although the song itself is excellent, it just needs that little bit of "umph", namely rap vocals, that would set it over the top. Everything else was impecable though, great job.

Digital-Xcstasy responds:

yeah man, yeah this beats really hard to Rap on, lol if any one Can please do! and send up your Vocals and shit haha we love to see people are out there Checking us out you know?

thanks for all your Review man!

Amazing drums!!!!!

But shitty everything else!!!!!! Oh well, you know that. But we will work on that, so....


Well, that was just fuckin' amazing!!!!! I loved the ending, no fade out, not just another bass line/kick ending. IT WAS AN ACTUALL ENDING!!!!! If this gets any better, my ass is going to implode, and let me tell you, my ass is HUGE from all the vegetables he eats in the garden patch. Great, woderful, excelent, stupendous...it's GWONEXSTUPEND!!!!!!!
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Envy responds:

Yesss I knew I couldn't dissapoint you guys with a fade out... But there are always those who'll say "I dont like the ending... i prefer a fade out"

oh well

Thanks for the review


But, of course, I'm going to bust your ass on the quarter note kicks, but I'm sure you knew that anyways :D Anyhoo, I GREATLY enjoyed that song. Although I do agree that's it's a little generic, I can still hear your "dirty" style in it, and it gives me great pleasure as always, and I just don't mind generic trance. However, although the beginning was nice, it took the song a little too long to build up, and the hard-core vocal used in the very beginning didn't help that. You expected something just absolutely ball-shattering to happen after that, and the song actually anti-climaxed to the middle. Which is fine, it was just made really uncomfortable and awkward by the first use of the vocal. Although the vocals themselves sounded awsome, great mastering going on there. And on that note, great mastering at the entire song. And you didn't fade it out. That has made me VERY happy =D So, you know the only criticism would be quarter note kicks and kind of a failed beginning, but it redeems itself at almost exactly halfway through the song, where it finally picks up nicely. So, great job once again, and I'm glad as hell that you're finally getting your inspiration back. Mines turned into an ADD patient, so at least someones getting things done around here ;D Alright, well, I'll awkwardly end my review as always, and once again, great job!

P.S. Did I mention that I loved the last half of the song?

Anima-Theory responds:

Thanks for the review joobles my homie :D

Excelent ambience

Needs the drums switched up. And a small amount of chorus on the bells would sound really nice. And That cool deep base hit that you use needs to be EQ'd to raise the base more and the "higher" end of that sound. Other than that, great melody my sexy compadre.

Spazbunny responds:

agreed stop we will fix it later stop i love you stop please dont stop reviewing my stuff stop haha i confused you with that last stop didnt i stop

WOOOHOOO!! No quarter note kicks!!!!

Well, not terrible for a second try. So, here's what I have to say for this.
Add more melody. A lot more. Add strings, trumpets, whatever. Just add instruments with more flavor to them. Also, don't use the FL guitar sounds. If you do, use them for specific hits. In this instance, don't use them at all. Also, the hi-hat needs to be toned down on the amount of notes for this. There's too much focus on it. And that background pad you used was a little thin. Try to use one with more bass, or just run it through the Fruity Parametric EQ2 and increase the first three band-widths, give it some more bass. Also, don't try to build up with just the drums, tryo to use more of the melody to build up the song. The drums should be there to just give it a kick in the ass. Although, I did like the fact that you didn't use quarter note kicks. Keep on rolling with that. Help break this stupid quarter note kick thing that most trance/techno artists seem to think is soooo necessary to make a good song. So, hey, keep trying, push yourself, and you'll make some good shit =D

Dark-Alchemist95 responds:

wow, you really know what your talking about! thanks for the tips!

Not bad.

You've got the right idea. The melody that comes in at :43 is beautiful. However, the whole quarter not kicks, off beat hi-hat, and the claps becomes really repetitive. It's done in nearly EVERY techno/trance song, and it bugs me. Try switching it up. A LOT. Also, the main melody needs to be varied more, and more instruments added to the song to give it more depth. I really liked the beginning though. Really made the song feel like it was going to build up, good job on that.

So, just try to vary this more, and you'll have a great song. But please, PLEASE, try to stay away from quarter note kicks. It would make me really happy = D

sacaro responds:


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