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Nice and smooth,

just the way an ambient song should be. Very good job on this!

Kilkashi responds:

I love ambience. Very soothing and stimulates the imagination. I guess that's why I am so good at it. :P

Loved the first and third, disliked the second.

I'm not going to comment on the second. I think you should tradh that one. The first one to me seems pretty solid, it's going in the right direction just fine. And I agree. The bell part in that one was awsome. For the third song, I would suggest sliding each of the high choir notes, it would give it more a flowing feel. Also, some of the notes for the high choir part seemed out of tune. Out of all of the songs, I would love to hear the third one finished. Trash the second. do the third one if you have the time. PM me if you do a full version of any of the songs. I'll hit them back with a review.
Good luck in your music making: )

x-Exodus-X responds:

I agree with you, the second one was probably the worst and definitely the weakest.

I'm glad you like the first one, I probably put the most work into that one and like I said it's also my favorite :)

I never thought of sliding the high choir parts, that would be cool. I'll make sure to try it out, it's a really good idea....Also, I will look into the off-pitch sounding ones, I also think it sounded kind of weird at some parts.

Be certain that I will PM you if I finish one, your reviews are great and I would love to hear more from you.

I'll review your song by tomorrow, I promise! I just have to get some homework done, then I'm going to bed :(

Loved it!

I don't normally like indie, but for some reason, I liked this song. Not really sure why. Since I don't listen to indie, I really don't have much to critique, other than try not to use the fade out as a way to end the song, unless the song actualy ends before the fade out. This one doesn't, but I still loved it, nevertheless. I mean, really loved it =D So, a five, a ten, my download, and free publicity!
Keep it goin' !

FrogFlakes responds:

I never know how to end a song so I just opt for a fade. I know it's a cop out and I sorta wanna cry about it. But hey, thanks for the review.

Very good!

I definately think it is worth it for you to continue this song. The piano part has everything that you will need to make a ful song out of it. Just add some jazz drums, violins, french horns... you know, the normal orchestral ensamble. Yu could even add some african drums in it, give it more flavor. The only thing I would suggest would be to maybe make the piano part just a tad less thick once everything else comes in, if you add to it. So, please put the effort into making this a song, and PM if you put it Newgrounds : ) I'll stop by and check it out ;D
Good luck!

Very Good!

Amazing job on the energy, I love the way the song slowly increases in tempo to build up to a really intense, powerfull ending. My only beef is that the song becomes repetitive from halfway through the song to about a quarter of a way from the end. After this, it picks back up again. Try verying it in there a little more, or just cut it out completely. Great drums, awsome sounding kick, one of the best melodies I've heard in a while. This is definately going on my favorites list, fived, and ten-ed. Also, make sure to PM mewhen you come out with new songs, or other songs you want me to review, and I'll be sure to check them out!
Joobles =D

Sebby64 responds:

I love great reviews like this! I somewhat do agree about the repetition, but when I played the song with that part cut, it sounded incomplete.

Not bad

I liked the dark feel throughout the song, and i especially loved the drums. However, the kick needs more bass to it. Not a lot, but just a little more. Also, you should try switching up the guitar riffs more often, instead of repeating the same basic thing on a different instrument. And you should add something else into the song, a stronger more prevalent pad to fill in the sound more. As it is, the song feels a little hollow. Also, I noticed some distortion with the cymabal hits. Still though, an overall decent song. A five from me, and good work!

headbang87 responds:

Thanks for enjoying man ^^
Wow, now thats what I call constructive critizism! I'll definately think about to fix this song! Thanks for voting and reviewing!

Very good.

Well, you know me. I know little about mastering, but much about composition, so i'll focus on that. The beggining would have been awsome, had you not used that piece of shit "scratching" noise. I don't know what it's called, but it's bad. It doen't have any musical quality to it, and would sound find if the volume on it was just turned down...a lot. Also, the bass sound that came in at 2:52 doesn't fit at all. Replace that with... i don't know, something else, but not that. The only other thing is the fade out. It doesn't fit. the song had no ending for you to effectively fade it out in the end.
The melody though was kick ass. I realy got the rock feeling through this, it just had such power and presence throughout most of the song. Really got my head bobbin. fix these few things(which i know you can) and in my opinion, the song will be even more amazing than it is.
Peace out, my friend!

Anima-Theory responds:

Thanks man :D


That was some really awsome ambient. The beggining took a little while to get going, but once the bass came in, and the drums, you quickly forgot about the long beggining. The flute kind of overpowered everything, though, drowed out the piano(which I didn't even pick up on till the second listen). Some distortion between the bass and the kick, but it actually fits with the mood of the song, and you can only hear it when the flute and other instruments aren't playing. I didn't like the way you transitioned out of the music and back into the storm sounds. It was too abrupt. I would try fading out with the melody back into the storm, instead of three kicks and one note. Last, the wind sound at the end sounded placed. You can almost tell exactly where FL triggered the sound, if you know what I mean. It doesn't sound natural. I would suggest not taking out the thunder sound, it covers that up.

All in all, a splendid ambient song, definately a download, five, ten, and free publicity from me.

I'm not really sure how far back you want me to review, so just drop me a line and tell me, and I'll be glad to keep going. Peace out, blessed toilet seat and all=p

Anima-Theory responds:

The bass is a naturally distorted instrument in this song, as are the drums.

The reason for the change back to the storm, is because it was originally written just to be a flute and storm effects, when I changed it, I must have forgotten about that :(

I think the last wind sound effect was about 30 seconds long, so I didn't think anyone could pick up when it looped...I sure as hell couldn't. Nice ear my friend :P

Thanks for the review

Review, review, review...

Well, I'll start off with a pro-con list, and try to equal it to one of yours= )

No quarter-note kicks.
The drums sound freakin' sweet. I actually play them on the drumset at school.
You have lyrics.
You efectively used the quitar sounds on FL.
The intro is amazing.
Basically, I love the way it sounds life-like. The drums, the singing, the quitars, the entire song is doable for a band to actually play live.

The singing. It's, well, not to offend anyone, but it's bad. The more I listen to the song, the less I actually listen to the singing. If you could just have that person sing better, or find a different singer, it would make the entire thing much better to listen to.
At 3:29, a wierd static thing starts, and is really distracting, even though it's at the end of the song. It sounds like something with the quitar, but I don't have near enough experience at FL to even know what the actuall problem is.

Overall, this song is amazing. You've successfully combined rock and trance and have created... rance. Yeah.
And now to the next song, awaaaaaaayyyyy.....!

Anima-Theory responds:

I took out the shit singing and re-mastered it. Sounds a lot better :D


Well, I've listened to most of your stuff for a while now, just havn't started reviewing until a little while ago. To me, nothing is wrong with this song.
It sounds flawless, all the instruments are amazing, and best of all, no quarter-note kicks =D
I've always thought this one was your best. It's even become our school's drumline's unoficial song!
Off to the next song...

Anima-Theory responds:

Your school's drumline's song?

What does that mean? :P

Thanks for the review man :D

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