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The composition was excelent, the horns really nailed the epic feeling. But the drums, or lack thereof, sucked major ass. You need drums that come in halfway through the piece and really haul balls. And make sure you don' t keep that wierd kick drum pattern. Or that kick drum sound. It's wrong. Just majorly beef up the drums, and you'll have an amazing song.

SolusLunes responds:

And fix the mixing, and the instrumentation... this thing needs work :D

I thought that would suck...

But, lo and behold, I am proven wrong! The 4/3 made that refreshignly different from al the 4/4 out there (nearly everything). But that aside, the song still didn't bring anything amazing melody wise, doesn't really stand out from the crowd. The 4/3 made the song, not the melody. Still though, it's thinking outside the box, which deserves a 5. And the effort wasn't a piece of crap. Good job.

Beggining was boring,

which was just like the first one, but the rest of the song kicked the original in the ass. And the addition of the piano was quite nice. And the beat was much cooler and more intense. Can't wait for the final (if there ever is one!)


This one definately has amazing potential. And the length for now isn't that bad. Lenght can ruin a song, and this one is pretty good for the moment. But, knowing your talent, this will become kick-ass. So...

Hapy Music Making!

Joobles <-----(LOOK! I out my signature down here, even though it's at the top of this review! MASS. LOL'S!)


That was the SHITS! LITERALLY! I shat myself listening to this! But all seriousness aside, that was definately better than your last one. Although it started of kindof lame, by the end of the song I was running around my room like a striped-assed ape and drooling at the over-rediculous piano at 1:57. So, hats off to your genius, once again!

Join me.

SolusLunes responds:

Striped-assed ape. Nice. :D


I personaly hate the song. I usualy like your stuff, but this is free-form jazz in all it's glory. And I despise free-form jazz. But this will not help you. So, as a musical piece, it carried out it's duty quite well.

It's random.

It's jazzy.

Its free-form jazz.

...Screw it. I can't say anything good about it because I don't like it. And I'm not going to blow smoke up your ass in an attempt to sound nice. So, I'll give you a 5 and a 9 for the time and effort, and say that as long as anyone like's what you do, then that's all that matters.

And people like me can just go and screw themselves.

P.S. On my willingness to colab with you, I forgot to give you my instant-messenger... code... thingy. squirrelbutter@passport.com
And it would be cool if you would review my stuff. I need someone with ability to do such a thing ; ) <------(OMG!!!!!WINKING EMOTICON!!!!!!!)

SolusLunes responds:



Yeah, I'll make sure to add you. AND REVIEW YER SHIT :D


that actually made me feel kind of high. The song was funny, and well done. And I agree. My gameboy has a flanger.

SolusLunes responds:

Christmas songs to get stoned to?

Well, that was definately sad...

BUT WHO GIVES A SHIT! Sad songs are enjoyable to revel in, especialy when you are having a shitty day (or christmas), and this one is definately revelable, which I don't think is an actuall word. The song was great, kind of random, but I like that. Good job.

SolusLunes responds:



except for the quarter note kicks. For a song like this, quarter note kicks are O.K., but would make the song as hell of a lot better if you varied more. Besides that, the song was still wonderfull. I've now listened to it about 5 times.


SolusLunes responds:

Yesh, the kicks are kinda-sorta interimish.

It's not fully done, but that's a good point. I'll make sure to change it up.

Your best yet.

I thought the first version was good, but even the few small changes in this were enough to make it even better. The best i've heard on Newgrounds, even. No annoying quarter note kicks, a surprisingly effective slow tempo, and a beautifully uncomplicated melody make this an amazing song. You've been my favorite artist for a while, and this one hasn't proved me wrong. Excellent.

Could you check out my stuff sometime? I would appreciate it. I need someone with talent to give me reviews!

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